Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Understanding the NeoCons or NeoCons on the Run: There is good article in this weeks' Newsweek that helps explain the mind of the leading neocons like Paul Wolfowitz. Being a moderate Republican who champions the alliance building approach to foreign policy, it is hard to see this thinking as benign. It seems that the neocons have this high view of creating democracy and not realizing the tough work that needs to be done. Also, while the neocons can pat themselves on the back for dispatching such a brutal regime as was Saddam's you have to wonder how important human rights really are for neocons. They claim the human rights are important and scorn those who want to take a more cautious approach. Then why have they been so silent on the killing taking place in the Congo? It has been estimated that maybe 3 million have died in the fighting that has taken place. Why are they not shaking their fists about this?


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