Thursday, July 10, 2003

Phillip Morris' Other "Deadly" Product: Margaret Wente is one of my favorite columnists and she does not fail this time. The fight against fat is fast becoming the new tobacco wars of the 21st century. What is sad is that we are losing the ethic of personal responsibility and self control. Instead of parents making sure that their kids eat well, instead of not eating two Big Macs, it is a helluva a lot easier to blame some company for your lack of parenting or self control. Yes, the food companies might be offering larger sizes, but no one if forcing you to eat it. If we as a nation want to control obesity, then we should lay off the fatty foods are do a bit of walking. What we do not need is a bunch of nannies who tell us that we are not at fault and have their lawyers suing companies for something we ourselves should be doing.

All of this reminds me a "Bloom County" strip in the 80s where Steve Dallas, the slimy lawyer, decided to sue a camera company for not telling him that he would get punched for taking pictures of people without their permission. In the end he says, "What a country. God bless America."

Sad thing is, I'm no longer laughing.


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