Thursday, July 17, 2003

Treading Carefully: There are many on the Left that are ready to call President Bush a "liar" for the whole mess of the State of the Union speech. I'm not ready to that yet. I'm for some kind of investigation to find out what really happened first before we denounce the president. The Dean Independents blog makes this case that instead of calling Dubya a liar they should focus on the incomptence of the Adminstration. I would also add that this is also a crisis of confidence in our intelligence community. The question that the Dems should be asking is: can we trust our intelligence? This whole crisis is less about Bush and more about trust of our institutions and responsibility. Did Bush lie? I don't know. We don't have all facts yet. But that is not the question. The question is: Is Bush responsible? The answer to that question is most assuredly yes. Even if Bush was mislead, the buck really does stop with him. He is the president and he has the authority to lead our troops into war. He may have made a decision based on faulty information, but he alone has the ultimate authority.

The Left needs to stop make this issue so personal. Their portrayal of Bush as an evil person will not change people's minds. This reminds me of how the Right made their disagreements with Clinton so personal. Bush is not evil, but his actions maybe incompetent which is ripe of discussion and protest. Focus on that, not on him being a liar, and maybe the Dems will have an issue.


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