Saturday, December 27, 2003

Big Government Republicans:The New York Times has an interesting piece on the current make-up of the GOP. I think the Times hits the mark by saying that the GOP has abandoned things like limited government when it comes to people's lives, but they are willing to apply those principles to Big Business.

Seeing that libertarians and old-line conservatives like Chuck Hagel and John McCain are increasingly worried at the metamorphasis of the party, I wonder how that will affect the Bush campiagn. I keep hearing rumblings from people who are dismayed by the trajectory of the Republican party. Some, like your truly, are looking for alternatives like Howard Dean. Others have not indicated that they are doing anything more than worrying.

If the Dean campaign is smart, it will formulate a message to reach these disaffected conservatives. The facts are there, but they need to be placed in a clear message for conservatives to understand. While I know that someone like myself could put something together, this has to come from Dean's mouth. Ronald Reagan was able to that 20 years ago by reaching disaffected Democrats, it's time that Dean actively does the same.


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