Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Patriot Tax

Bull Moose has a great post today about the estate tax. Republicans in and out of Congress have been pressing for the permanent repeal, calling it a "death tax" and presenting sob stories of "salt of the earth" people who are getting robbed by the tax when in reality, it only hits the super rich.

The Moose, of course, thinks that now is a bad time to cut or repeal this tax:

It is now clear that Uncle Sam will have to spend billions in the rebuilding of the gulf states along with the ongoing costs of the war. Given these circumstances, it is truly inconceivable that even this Republican Congress will continue to shower more blessings on the rich. But then again, the chutzpah of the defenders of the comfortable is limitless.

I have to agree. Listen, no one likes to pay taxes, even poor slobs like me. I'm not someone who wants to "soak the rich" because they are rich. However, we are in a war. America is facing the largest natural disaster ever, with one major metro area now under water and several others in bad shape. Now is a horrible time to be caring about lowering the taxes of the richest members of society. We have needs and need money. Kinda a bad time to cut taxes, don't you think?

The Moose thinks Democrats should "frame" the estate tax as a "Patiot Tax" as opposed to the Republicans calling it the "death tax." I think this is a good idea. If you have been blessed with good fortune, then especially at this hard time, you should be willing to share a bit. True patriots sacrifice. They don't sit there are cover their own hides.

Hopefully, lawmakers are too busy dealing with the devastation on the Gulf Coast, to worry about lowering taxes for Donald Trump.

Somewhere, another Republican, Teddy Roosevelt, must be spinning in his grave.

Thanks to Charging RINO for the tip.


At 11:24 AM, Blogger Shay said...

Fiscal liberals always want to raise taxes. How about cutting spending for once and getting the federal government out of arenas where it does not constitutionally belong? While I would not repeal the estate tax, I would reduce it. No one - not even the rich - should pay the crazy rate that the estate tax has.

At 2:20 PM, Blogger Michael "Sotek" Ralston said...

I think "Patriot tax" would be the worst possible frame.

I think that it would read as a tax on being patriotic which ... nobody would support.

At 1:53 AM, Blogger Tim said...

Whether this tax would be beneficial to a financially-strapped federal government is not the point. The point is that the citizens who pay the estate tax have already been taxed on their money. Why should we ever tax any citizen's money twice?? It's extremely wrong.


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