Thursday, August 04, 2005

Will Roberts Still be God's Gift to the Religious Right?

It appears that President Bush's pick for the Supreme Court, John Roberts, did some pro-bono work representing gay rights activist in the Supreme Court case Romer v. Evans which struck down the anti-gay Amendment 2 in Colorado. The Los Angeles Times reports that while working at a law firm he provided pro bono work, reviewing filings and preparing oral documents. The story notes that Roberts is again keeping to his professions credo to represent a client even if you might not agree with them.

This case isn't proof of how Roberts would vote on any issue involving gay rights, but it may say something about the religious right. Most on the religious right basically go beserk if anyone says anything nice about gays. So, what will they think now that Roberts was known to help a case that said that discrimination against gays is illegal?

I also wonder about groups like Human Rights Campaign, which has already shot Roberts down before Senate hearings have begun. It would have been better had they taken the route of Log Cabin Republicans, which said they would be taking a good look at Roberts record as it relates to gay and lesbian equality.

His work on striking down Evans doesn't necessarily mean he's pro gay, but I do think Senators should ask him about gay rights in light of his pro bono work.

Thanks to Eva Young for the hat tip.


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I'm wondering how this is going to play out. I know that "Justice Sunday: The Sequel" is coming up, and it was my understanding that a major purpose of that was to show solidarity in support of the Supreme Court nominee. And to paint any opposition as "anti-Christian".

By the way, The Village Gate (one of your links) is no longer online. Don't know why, but it's gone. Also, someone hijacked my Religious Left url on Blogspot (long story) but I have a new blog here:


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