Monday, October 17, 2005

Take from the Poor to Give to the Poor

National Public Radio has a good story about an attempt to stem the tide of red ink by cutting programs that affect the poor while leaving tax cuts intact. What is fascinating is that this is shaping a battle royale not only between liberals and conservatives, but also between moderate and conservative Republicans. The moderates want to put everything on the table including tax cuts, while the conservatives are balking at that idea.

My own view: sacrifice the tax cuts. Tax cuts are not a bad thing, but in a time when the feds will have to spend big bucks to rebuild a major American city, it seems rather unfair to balance the budget without asking upper income Americans to bear some of the burden. The Bush Amdinistration has spent money like there wasn't a tomorrow. However, it is wrong to say that they poor have to pay for the reckless spending by the Bushies, while leaving the rich barely affected. Balance the budget, but make sure everyone pays, not just the poor.


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