Saturday, January 14, 2006

Watch This Space

Vacation time is almost over.

As most of you know, I've been taking some time off from blogging since being let go from my job in mid-November. After the emotional experience I had, blogging was the last thing on my mind. I'm still looking for work, but I think things are looking up and I've noticed that I'm regaining an interest in blogging again.

The world hasn't stopped since I've blogged. With the GOP dealing with the lobbying mess and the Dems implosion during the Alito hearings, it looks like I have a lot to comment about.

So, look for me to be blogging again in the next few days (not weeks). I don't expect to be writing at a frenzied pace. I don't even know if I will be blogging at this site or get a new blog with a new name. But I will blog.

See you Sunday or Monday.


At 3:41 AM, Blogger Clint Carrens said...

I can relate. I stopped blogging after being let go from my job late last year. Wanted to competely focus on the job search. But then I realized that looking for a job takes up only so much time each day, and I missed writing. So I started blogging again.

At 5:11 AM, Blogger blogiast said...

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At 12:55 PM, Blogger Greg said...

When you get back to it be sure to share your thought's on Ron Paul I think his ideas and voting record is the best!


At 4:06 PM, Blogger Mark Fruehling said...

Moderates need to militantly unite against the conservative and against the progressive.

A majority of America is moderate. When W. Bush was in office, the minority, conservatives, ran the country. While Obama
is in office, the minority, progressives, will run the country. The majority of Americans, moderates, will suffer because of both minorites.

Moderates on radio and TV should begin to spring across the U.S.
The show's rallying cry should be "We will provide ALL sides not just the progressive or conservative side."
These shows will not tell the listener what to think but will provide all the different viewpoints in a concise manner so the listener can make up their minds.

Simplifying political issues into understandable absolute rights and wrongs are the mode of operation for progressives and conservatives.
Conservatives and progressives have been taught to follow leadership and not necessarily think for themselves.
No one, including myself, is smart enough to tell anyone what to think.
On more than one radio broadcast I've heard listener(s) plead to a host to tell them what to do so they can do it!

Progressives and conservatives have made the resolving of political problems much more difficult than before.
Political actions come quickly, but the examination of facts do not come quickly, if at all.
Consequently, political policies usually make political problems worse because not all of the facts are examined;
heavy amounts of ideology are examined.

At first, there are usually no clear cut answers for any political issue;
one definitely needs to do research on most issues. There is no clear cut answer for global warming, yet many Americans haven't grasped that,
they demand action now. How can we act on global warming when we don't know the facts?
There is no clear cut answer for who is at fault for the mortgage meltdown, yet many Americans haven't grasped that,
they demand action now. Shouldn't we understand how the mortgage meltdown occured to prevent it from happening again?
Shouldn't we demand facts, not ideology?

Devising a satisfactory platform for the different types of moderates could be arduous and time consuming.
Let me give you my moderate example: I am fiscally conservative and socially moderate. I am a moderate Republican.
I voted for McCain but didn't care for Palin.

I believe in civil rights for all, and I also believe the less the intrusion of big government in our daily lives the better.
Neither belief supersedes the other. I disagree with the Supreme Court of Iowa who recently legalized gay marriage.
Gay marriage is not a civil rights issue. Gays already have civil unions in Iowa, which I agree with.
Big goverment changing the definition of marriage is an unnecessary intrusion.
Here's an analogy: can I sue for civil rights damages because I can't go into a women's public restroom?
In other words, can I sue for civil rights damages because I can't use what others use? (I am a man).
I see gay marriage as big government's way of saying big government is the only legitimate setter of standards.
If applicable, Iowa's gay marriage decision seems like a violation of the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
Let's call it a separation of ideology and state.
As moderates, we should use the courts to ensure that big government sets standards as little as possible.

America simply can't afford the massive global warming expenses incurred by the government unless a disaster is eminent.
GM can't afford the CAFE standards placed on the company because of global warming concerns. GM can't
produce their most popular selling models, trucks, because of CAFE standards.

There is only conjecture, and of course the ideology of environmentalists.
There's more: CO2 is less than 5 percent of the total amount of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.
If we really want to eliminate greenhouse gasses, we would need to stop water evaporation (over 90 percent of all greenhouse gasses).
Yikes, more government spending, who's for cooling the sun?

The issue is, should the government spend massive amounts of money to adjust CO2 levels in the atmosphere
to an arbitrary standard like, for example, the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere in 1960?
This could satisfy environmentalists... Obama pays attention to at least one powerful special interest group...

Everyone who participated in a TEA party on April 15, but believe in global warming policies,
or believe they shouldn't pay increases in taxes:
Where is the money going to come from if your taxes aren't raised? They can't print money forever.
Maybe the government will borrow against other programs like Social Security, or the bridges and roads fund (if you live in Minnesota).
If the federal government is unable to raise taxes it is quite likely the state and local governments will try to raise taxes.

The government needs to spend less money; this needs to happen soon. Private individuals and big business should
be more philanthropic. One of the biggest mistakes big business made was letting medical converage for their employees lapse.

I've intentionally stirred things up to show the difficulty in uniting moderates.

The one and only special interest politicians should have is the people of the U.S., and what is best for them.
As John McCain's campaign slogan said, Country first (not ideology first). All other ideologies should pale.
With conservatives and progressives, it is their ideologies that are too important to fail.

Let's begin, now, to use conciliation, cooperation, and compromise, all those terms that progressives
and conservatives disdain, to unite moderates and save America before it is too late.
We don't need any more radical and destructive minority rule.

Mark Fruehling
Des Moines, Iowa

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